May 11, 2018

Unimaginative insipid tedium

It is a glorious Friday here at the old homestead. The sun is bright, but there is a chance for rain later. That is spring in these parts. A bunny was hopping around the flower beds out by the fence when I limped down to make my coffee and swallow my morning handful of meds. That dang rabbit is probably going to chew my lillies off at the ground.  I need to get some rabbit repellent at the big box hardware store.

I'm back. I bet you didn't even know I stepped away. I'm sneaky like that. I threw some Doughboy orange rolls into the oven for the girls (wife and granddaughter) and me. I have about 15 minutes to wrap this up, unless you don't mind another interruption while I feed my face.

I stayed up way too long reading last night. I'm sorta dragging this morning. Sugary pastries should perk me up.

Enjoy your Friday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Ya know, Seinfeld made a mint like that.

Joe said...

I haven’t made any money but it has kept my blog alive for 13 years

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