June 14, 2018

And the Prius you rode in on

I have been tepid in my support of President Trump. I will readily admit my vote was decidedly against Hilary Clinton rather than an affirmation of the Trumpster. Nearly halfway into his term I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only has he done the one thing I really hoped for in appointing an originalist to the Supreme Court, Trump has for the most part pursued a pretty conservative agenda. He has cut taxes, boosted the economy and attempted to enforce immigration laws.  In other words, check, check, and check. The Never Trumnpers were just as wrong as wrong can be. That tepid support is rapidly heating.

I wish the President would lose his twitter password, but in fairness, it does allow him to get his message out in a way that infuriates, confuses, and confounds his political enemies and the press (but I repeat myself).

Which leads me to the point of this post. The unrelenting assault of the left and the press has steadily shored up my faith in the President. I like him more every day. I see the unhinged hatred of the left and reflect that Fuzzy Curmudgeon was exactly right when he predicted that those reactions would just get us more Trump.

When you actively hope for an economic collapse (Bill Maher) or that the NOKs will start a war, then it has gone beyond politics into actual derangement.

Reasonable people can disagree. Hoping a particular agenda does not pass or succeed is one thing. Wishing misery and hardship on fellow Americans is quite another.

Shouting "F-Trump" may make you feel good. What many of us, roughly half of the country, hear is F-you to us. When Progressives describe half the country as ignorant racist mouth breathing hicks that are not deserving of their 1st Amendment Rights or 2nd Amendment Rights because we don't agree with you and thus should shut up and listen to our betters, it affirms we voted the right way after all.

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