June 9, 2018

Going to the dogs

Last night we went to a local burger joint. Since it was nice we sat outside. This place is in a suburban strip mall on one of the very busy east/west numbered streets that cuts across the north side. There are housing additions in the area, but none very close.

As has happened at this restaurant a couple of times recently a lady brought her dog to dinner. This was a big brute every bit of 100 pounds. She didn't walk it and decide to take a beer  break. I watched her drag the brute out of her SUV. The dog promptly plopped down next to a chair of a guy sitting at the next table. Why? There was no need to bring her dog to dinner. This was no service dog situation. This was a hey look at me bring my pet to a restaurant moment. It is not necessary.

Worse was the wait staff who fondled the dog then continued to wait tables. And no they did not wash after petting he mutt. I'm glad I had my food. As we left I noticed they had brought the dog a bowl of water In usual salad bowls. Somehow I don't think the Board of Health would like this humanitarian gesture.

If your dog is overheating because you brought him to a restaurant and it is hot out,  maybe you should have left him at home.

I have no doubt some of you will not like this post. You will tell me how good your dog is. You will tell me it is better behaved than most kids. How many kids eat cat turds and roll in their own shit out in the back yard?

A restaurant isn't a dog park. If you can't bear to leave Rover at home alone you should consider take out.

As always, your rebuttal is welcome in the comments.


Linda said...

I agree with you 100%!!!!
I hate dogs--
strolling in WM
carried into WM
in the baby section of the cart
on the counters
coming to sniff me and electric cart
owners smiling like I love the attention
being put out to do their business where little kids love to play
in my yard

Actually, I probably hate the owners of dogs who think they can do as they please because they love their dogs behavior.

Rant on. I would have called the manager over, called the health dept about employees touching and not washing.

hey teacher... said...

We had a student this year with a stress dog. I was leary of the whole thing at the start but I witnessed the dog at work and it was pretty amazing. That being said, that situation was allowed so the student could function in the learning environment. No one touched or spoke to the dog(strict orders). It drives me up a wall to see people in WM, Rural King, etc... with dogs that are just dogs. If your dog is so special that you have to take it with you then take it to the dog park so you can show it off to other dog lovers. My brother and his wife have two poodles that they treat like kids. Fine when you’re in your house but when you’re in my house they are DOGS.

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