June 11, 2018

How about a word game?

I know you do not read links.

You should really read this one.  Really. Go ahead.

Let us leave aside the obvious: how is this hate-filled hysterical person even allowed to teach college? Could a male even get a fair grade? What if a fellow sociology professor stated the same about his female colleagues and students? If this is indicative of the intellect, scholarship, and political philosophy of the faculty at Northeastern University I suggest you get your kid out of that institution forthwith.

What would you have if you substituted every instance where the author spits "male" and substituted the word "woman" or "black", or "Mexican", or "Jew", or any ethnicity or race you choose? What you would have is an example of some of the most egregious hate speech ever envisioned by your local KKK Grand Dragon, Nazi-wannabe, or militant race-baiter. This is evil stuff indeed.

Had the author spewed this kind of hate to a person of color, she would have been fired before the ink on her editorial was dry. WAPO would never have deigned to publish it. Since the diatribe was directed at men, with a subtle hint, hint, wink, wink towards white men, I suppose Walters gets a pass. This level of distaste, abhorrence, and execration is usually reserved for the most heinous of society. I guess now your average man is in this category.

Replacing the "P" in the patriarchy she believes exists with an "M" just shifts hate and bias in another direction.

I wonder if anyone bothered to explain to MS Walters that despite her fervent wishes otherwise, it took a man to create her.

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