June 27, 2018

Mundane mid-week musings

I turned on the Cubs radio broadcast when I went to bed last night. I heard the start of the fifth inning, but fell asleep before the Northsiders started their big rally. I saw that the good guys won when I woke up.

That brings us to the next topic.

I woke a little after four this morning. It started with a need to pee. I returned to bed and after tossing and turning a while I gave up and rolled put of bed for the day. I peeled and ate a mandarin orange while the Kuerig did its magic. I suspect I will fight dozing off this afternoon.

The boy moved into his new apartment Sunday. I hate to see him go. He is an adult and needs his own place. Still, I don't mind him being here, even if he does drink all of my beer. He still has some stuff here. He is taking it in batches after his work. It's not like we won't see him, he works about a mile from the house and he can do laundry free here. He has to pay at the apartment laundry. 

It's been quiet around here. My daughter is off for a couple of weeks for summer break, so my granddaughter has not been coming over every day. When she was staying with us last week she cracked me up. It came time for the bedtime ritual of a couple of stories and a song. She always wants my wife to read and sing, but wanted me to do it one night. I read a couple of books and tucked her into bed. I sang a couple of refrains from one of my own kids' favorite bedtime songs: For What it is Worth. She did not like that one, so I started in with the opening refrain of Marching Through Georgia. She interrupted me again. "Those are not sleep songs, those are wake up songs. You can't sing anymore, get Grandma.". I got a Trumpian "Your Fired" from a three year old.

I need more coffee. You should check back often, I may have more to say that you won't want to miss. Probably not, but you never know...

Have a great day.

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Jean said...

Granddaughter takes after her grandpa. Speaks her mind.

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