July 17, 2018

A crappy post

Nothing new to report. I was up most of the night--intestinal issues. I shall eschew the details. Was it bad Mexican? Alas, it was most likely my meds. I've been down this road before; they work well for a couple of years then the side effects outweigh their usefulness. My issues have gone from occasionally to once a month to weekly. Now I have to discover which of my daily pills (or weekly shot) is the culprit.

What was up with that Trump presser yesterday? His sucking up to that commie bastard was worse even than Obama bowing to the Saudis. I get there is no point in antagonizing Putin. Russia is going to feign innocence, whether they are guilty or not. Trump didn't have to say he believed him though.

On a side note, how can Mueller claim the DNC servers were hacked by Russia when there is no evidence? Law enforcement has not accessed the servers. The prosecutors are taking the word of an outside firm. Billy's house was robbed. Dave thinks Joe did it. Billy won't let the cops examine his house. Would Joe be indicted based on speculation? I only play a guy pretending he is a lawyer after staying at a Holiday Inn Express, but come on, man. Your average per-law student could rip that apart in moot court. Yet somehow the geniuses at The New York WaPo Times and the alphabet networks see the indictments and utter a Jan Brady-like Russia, Russia, Russia.

But resist.

I think there is enough crap for everybody to be tired of it.

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