July 9, 2018

I joyfully drank from a plastic straw

I need some time off to recover from my weekend. Sheesh.

Friday we met some old friends for dinner. We went to our other friends' house to hang by the pool and play cards on Saturday. Yesterday we did yard work. The wife worked me like a slave driver to make up for the work we didn't do Saturday. I partially rebuilt a walkway through the fence. That involved moving pavers and hacking out roots that were lifting the stones.  I tore out six shrubs around the patio. We weeded the garden patch and trimmed trees and weeded flower beds. The wife would have kept working, but I waved a sweaty white flag and begged for mercy.

Other than that, we did nothing of interest all weekend.


Anonymous said...

oh well it is County Fair time in Northern Indiana,

James Old Guy

Linda said...

So, she kept you under control.

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