July 21, 2018

Life holes

I did not sleep well last night. There is nothing new in that. For once, I know why. I received a call last evening that one of my very good friends has passed away. He was my college roommate for four years. We didn't see each other or talk as often as we should have, life sometimes gets in the way. I used to see him several times a year back when I travelled to Evansville on a regular basis. We still talked every few months.

I have been searching in vain for an old post about the day we met at college. I have sure written a lot of stuff. If I find it I'll post it as a rerun.

As I grow older this stuff is gonna happen more frequently, but it still sucks.

That dude and I packed a shitload of fun into four years.

Damnit, my eyes are watering.


Linda said...

My neighbor who died at 94 used to lament the death of so many friends. She said before she died that she only had one of her good friends left. At 72 I am facing the dilemma of friends dying. It is sort of creepy thinking my mortality is being revealed.

Jean said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend, Joe.
I don't keep in touch with anyone from college, but our high school class seems to be dwindling away much too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Not going to get any easier. Sooner or later you begin to wonder, why am I still living.

James Old Guy

Linda said...

Wasn't I on your blog roll? If not, it's okay.

Joe said...

I will get you on soon PP. sorry

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