July 6, 2018

TMI, boring stuff, wrap up. No weather report

I was up a good portion of the night sick. Was it the fish I ate for supper? I think not, there was no attendant stomach cramping. More likely it was my semi-regular bout of metformin's revenge. That medicine, while effective, has caused repeated bouts of diarrhea for years. I don't know why it has to strike late at night. Switching to the slow release version has helped. When I took the regular stuff I was struck repeatedly -- at least once a week. Tales of unfortunate attacks were often related in these pages. I am probably banned for life from the Dairy Queen in Brillion, WI. I will not go into detail about my intestinal issues this morning. Suffice it to say I'm tired.

Between trips to the downstairs bathroom I watched a couple of cooking shows, some classic Rat Patrol, Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt, and Flipper. I watched those half hour dramas as a kid. Rat Patrol and Flipper were in black and white at my house. Color TV was for the rich kids.

Here we are on Friday. Already. After thinking it through, I could get used to four day work weeks. Well, to be honest, I could get used to a different job. Then I wouldn't mind a five day week. Anyone hiring?

We have no big plans that I'm aware of for the weekend. One of the shelves in the wife's closet has pulled out from the wall, so a repair job is in order. I'm certain she will ignore my admonition that she has too many clothes.

Have a good Friday, I need to grab more coffee.

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