August 3, 2018

Odds for every NFL team

So here we are, early on a Friday morning. It looks like a gorgeous day is on tap.

Is there anything more boring and unwatchable than preseason football? Besides golf. Or bowling. Or the View. I admit I have never watched one millisecond of the View, but I can imagine.

We were inflicted with one of the worst waitresses I have had in a very long time last night. I don't know if she was new, having a bad night, or just incompetent. No, I did not completely stiff her on her tip. The 10% ($3) I left her was still probably too much. Her inability to turn tables, get orders right, or manage to get drink refills meant she worked for about $2 per hour last night. I know the table next to us was even more honked off than we were at her poor service.

We have entered a sad, sad world of stupidity when the CDC has to issue a warning that one should not wash out a condom and reuse it. I only hope these losers are recycling their own rubbers and not random old ones they found tossed out at the park down by the river.


Ed Bonderenka said...

You want to be kind, yet the best tip might be, "find a different career".

cheryl soergel said...

We had a whopper when we took my ds to lunch after picking him up at school. She was either very high, incompetent, or just a nut case. Thank goodness the food was good but if we get her again I am reporting her.

Anonymous said...

Low unemployment numbers mean that the bottom of the barrel has found employment. I don't see how anyone that wants a job is not working.


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