August 22, 2018

The end is nigh

President Pence. Practice it, because according to the talking heads, the Trumpster is already packing his bags in preparation to boarding the impeachment train. Why? Because someone who used to work for him committed crimes before he worked for Trump: crimes that had nothing to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia meme the Jan Brady media-types are always crying about. But for some, the whole collusion narrative is now "fact" due to this conviction, despite real facts like "collusion" is not a crime. It is not even a misdemeanor.

The Clinton campaign actually did work with Russian agents to effect the election, but that has nothing to do with overturning the last election, so how about we just pay no attention to that particular man behind the curtain? Oh, and that wasn't a crime either. It is just dirty politics. Except the part where the Democrats used that dirty info to sic the Justice Department on the Trump campaign. Yeah, someone needs to go to jail over that.

My wife is imbued with a wealth of common sense and pays little attention to politics. After watching the Michael Cohen story last night she merely hurumpfed (figuratively). "Of course Trump screwed that hooker", she opined. "But it was long before he was President. What does it have to do with anything? If we got rid of every scumbag that runs for office, we wouldn't have anybody left". Actual quote.

Before you start crying that violating campaign finance law is a big deal and should lead to impeachment, you might want to explain your silence on President Obama's violations. If the Trump campaign broke campaign finance law, pay the fine and move on.

As always, your rebuttal is welcome.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

My only comment on the entire situation can be found on my blog in today's post.

Anonymous said...

As usual you said in a few words what I tried to say in many paragraphs.



dragonlady474 said...

Your wife sounds like me watching the news. I do a lot of eye rolling, and make snarky comments.It's my only defense against such stupidity.

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