September 10, 2018

Fixing baseball, and that is not a reference to the Black Sox

I love baseball. I always have. I have occasionally scorned and decried the changes and proposed changes to the game in an effort to "speed it up".  I especially hate the idea of "ghost runners on second" and changing batters in the latter stages of the game.  The odious DH rule bears no discussion whatsoever.

HERE is an intelligent and cogent article on the current issues in in MLB and a common-sense means to correct the problems without changing the fundamental rules of the game.

I can only guess the editor somehow stripped the "get-rid-of-the-designated-hitter" part of the plan.

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Jaime said...

I wish they'd just leave it alone - it's worked fine for 100 years. Nobody plays/watches baseball for the speed of the game. I've always enjoyed the fact that I can sit down and watch a game knowing full well the rest of my evening was spoken for - it's one of the joys of summer!

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