September 19, 2018


Sen. Mazie Hirono explained, boiling down the Senate Democrats’ position on Brett Kavanaugh. “It’s the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up"  source
Is not a blanket statement of this kind the very definition of stereotyping and sexism? If I stipulated that when it comes to politics that"All women should just shut up" such a statement would be rightly met with howls of outrage.  What is the difference? Remember when "the Jews" were blamed for Germany's economic troubles*? Is the concept of innocent until proven guilty no longer applicable? Are all men now morally culpable? I am in trouble, I am a white male. I foresee a trip to a gulag in the Nevada desert for me if people like this have their way.

 Funny, Democrats imprisoned anyone who looks Asian. Democrats founded and supported the KKK for years and it is somehow the rest of us that are the racists.  Now every man is just guilty. If one tries to defend himself against unfounded accusations, he should just "shut up"?

Now it appears Senate Democrats are adopting yet another time-honored tactic of the left -- guilt by anonymous whispering campaigns.  Lavrentriy Beria please call the DNC your office...

And commenter Anony Mouse wonders why I am critical of the Democrats and leftists in general.

* I know, I just broke Godwin's Law.  It makes the point no less valid.


Anonymous said...

Anon mouse says repubs have no evil? Let us count the ways. But of course you won't bring that up? They deserve your blind trust? They are looking out for you? I would rather be Anon mouse than three blind mouse. And before you label me leftist mouse I vote both ways. I lean both ways on different issues. I prefer mighty mouse. Defender of common sense and rights for all. Neither left or right but looking for right and so sadly disappointed by self interest and blindness.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

More like Annoyance-Mouse.

Anonymous said...

FYI I attended a lot of parties in the 80s I couldn't tell you where they were or when I attended them. Some rad stuff wentry down and I wasn't even a naive 15 year old protected school girl. So much for the where and when problem. I'll take you annoyance mouse if it makes people question think and stand up. Stop blindly accepting the red team says and show equal scepticism. Stand up. Stand up for others. Don't judge everything thru a bias. Open your mind get rid of the fear. A
Annoyance anon just not three blind mouse

Joe said...

I'm not sure how one takes a middle stand on this? A person condemns an entire group of people based on the number of chromosomes they are born with and I should consider she may be half right?

No thanks. I'm not interested in an "at least the trains run on time" acceptance of evil. Sometimes there is right and there is wrong.

Perhaps you should spend a bit more time in the old archives. I criticize anyone who goes outside of my view of how hinge outta work, regardless of party. In fact I am working on a post detailing tne idiocy of the tariffs and trade wars by tne current administration. This will not be the first on that topic either.

Sure, I am far more critical of the liberal progressive digger leveler types. Most inhabit the Democrat Party. The road they want to take will destroy the country. I offer up the USSR, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe as tne opening salvo. And no, I see no middle ground there either. I can live with that.

But I do enjoy a nice discussion where we can disagree. Unlike most of he leftist persuasion when one disagrees you haven't resorted to name calling, called me racist, nor disparaged my education.

Anonymous said...

Damn I knew I was forgetting to do something. Ha.
I don't base on chromosomes. When the young actor sorry don't remember the names accused the female I believed him. Very rarely people cry assault that are not truthful. It can happen but it's unusual unless the accuser is a little troubled or deranged.
Will be happy to read your tariff take. The question is what is your solution. Any one can bitch, how to make change.
Also there are many middle grounds to problems without becoming a socialist failure. It's working with give and take.
When we lean to one side or the other we unbalance. I still believe more empathy and less self interest is needed. I also think we are to quick to tell others how to live without looking in the mirror or minding our own business.or better yet set an example. If you have debt who are you to tell others how to run their or the country finances. I use this in reference to a lot of hot social topics. What are you doing to address the issue? Are you part of the solution or problem? What are you going to do about it? Who are you hurting? Do you care? Do you understand the problem?

Annoyance anon mighty but never blind mouse.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I try not to argue people out of their religious beliefs.
that's what your left with when you have no evidence.

Joe said...

When you spend your time straddling a fence it is impossible to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

When you reach over the fence or walk thru a gate is when you really understand where you are and where you were. Where are you? Imprisoned by your bias and fear and limitations or free to stroll thru life and free others.

Joe said...

Funny , I am stuck in my biased position, but you are "open minded" in your complete insistence that I am wrong...

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