September 29, 2018

Poking the Bear

There was the woman who approached the local pharmacist and asked for cyanide.
“What on earth would you want to do with cyanide?” he asked.

“I want to poison my husband” she said coolly.

Of course the pharmacist was quite upset about this and made it quite clear to her that he was not going to be part of such a plot, and that he had no intention of selling any poison to her for that purpose.

The woman then took a photograph out of her bag. It showed the pharmacist’s wife in bed with the woman’s husband.

“Oh! You didn’t tell me you had a prescription!

If this offends you, substitute "he" for she. Perhaps make both characters LBQTNoneofthe above. Make it cartoon character mice. Change the whole plot to a fairy tale where everyone sits around a table at an Eco-friendly coffee shop talking about the patriarchy and privlege how Hillary was cheated out of her rightful position by the Russians in the flyover states. 

Ok I have rewritten the post to make it palatable for all. No need to offend anyone here.

A person picked a prescription at a pharmacy. Disease was cured. The end. 

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Scott said...

Humor- It'a what's for breakfast...

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