September 18, 2018

Trust me, it happened

Let me see if I have this straight:

Sometime 35 or so years ago a teenager supposedly attacked a girl at a party.

The accuser is not sure when the attack happened.

The accuser says she is not sure where it happened.

The accuser says that she is not sure if there were witnesses beyond the four, no make that two guys in the room, both of whom deny the incident.

But it was really, really traumatic.

The Former Attorney General from California thinks the FBI should investigate.  One would think she would know the difference between a Federal Crime and a local crime.  One would also think she would understand...evidence. You know stuff like when, where, and who?

Democrats say we should call witnesses; valuable witnesses like the therapist that the victim confided in. Or maybe the victim's husband. So we should believe two people whose only knowledge of the supposed incident is what the accuser told them? Are you sure he didn't toss a stray pubic hair on a Coke can too?

Of course the accuser having ties to anti-Trump factions, donations to the Democrat Party, a possible animosity to the Kavenaugh family, and a liberal history has nothing --do you hear me -- nothing to do with the sudden resurfacing of memories of an incident so traumatizing, so painful, so horrible that she forgot them for three decades and still finds the details a bit fuzzy.

I know the exact date I had the first kiss with my wife. I know the very spot I first got laid. Neither of these was an alleged assault. I would think that would be at least a bit memorable.

I wonder how many women on the Judicial Committee would give credence to a woman who claimed their husband assaulted her sometime in the past but the "victim" could not remember where or when?

Maybe we should ask Keith Ellison?


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should develop some empathy. If it was your wife or daughter your attitude would be a lot different. Trauma is handled many different ways. Also stop treating issues like a football game. There is no we vs them. The price of most issues is that both "sides" lose. In most of what is happening in today's politics we the common people are losing. Yet somehow since our "side" is winning we fool ourselves into thinking we are winning. Try the "their shoes" and see if your perceptions don't change.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have seen this before.

If someone told me my wife had an affair, did not know when or where or with whom, I would dismiss the case out of hand.

I suspect you would too if it was your significant other, especially when there appears to be an alternative motive.

Yes, call me skeptical.

It is not about "winning" nor "losing" it is about repulsive "gotcha" politics. It is about the shameful and disgusting display by the Democrats during this hearing -- many of whom voted overwhelmingly to confirm this same guy on the appeals court.

It is about Kamela Harris and Corey Booker using the hearings to grandstand for a Presidential run.


Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast the actions of the Democrats today and the Republicans for the two Obama appointees. While many disagreed with the political stance and judicial activism espoused by candidates, the only litmus test was are they qualified?

The opposition did not resort to protests and hate so profane that Kavenaugh had to have his children escorted out.

Ed Bonderenka said...

First "anonymous":
Are you the same person I argued with on FB last night.
The one who didn't understand how your rationale leads to lynching?
Has no concept of rule of law and evidence?
Just wants to go on how we "feel"?
Because I'd hate to think there was more than one of you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry there is more than one of us. Feelings are not the basis to this argument. The facts will come out. I do not approve of the performances of some of the people during the hearing. If you have an understanding of trauma you understand it has many layers that have to be peeled back with the time the person can deal with issues. Just because the victim doesn't have video or can't detail every item does not mean it didn't happen. The victim had discussed this issue before now but didn't want to deal with the public. I think everyone who has an interest in a certain outcome is quick to dismiss one side or the other. It could be the victim is wrong. But why so quick to say so just because it's not iron clad. Why does it have to be political motivation. Why on the he said she said are we so quick to decide. Given the environment a lot of women have dealt with do you really wonder why they don't speak up. He'll a lot of guy victims don't speak up. I'm refering to the Catholic priest situation. Who is going to speak for the weak, the troubled, the victims. Do you care about them? You say you are skeptical. So that makes it not true? And even if it's true does that mean he should not be confirmed? We all screw up. Due to the ages there could be leniency. But lying about it is the worse. It shows you will do or say anything to get what you want and I think that lies in both parties and maybe judges or psychologist too.

Anonymous said...

Also if it's not about sides then let's hear more diss on some Republican antics. Or can't you see the home team errors. Start widening your lens. Look for the right not to the right. If you get the drift.

Joe said...

I have serious issues with the Republican Party. If you expect a left-leaning rant you are in tne wrong place. I am a small government conservative.

As for giving her the benefit of the doubt? I have plenty of doubt. Hah hah.

The accuser's sudden reluctance to tell her side of the story and her calls ( and the Democrats) for an investigation by the FBI reeks of delay and obstruction.

There is nothing for the FBI to investigate. It is called jurisdiction. This is/was a local police matter. Again, it is a pretty poor witness that has no facts -- when, where, etc.

Besides, she already said there were only 3 people in the room. Two have denied it happened. It is a he said/she said.

Contrary to your position that we should believe her because, well just because, I believe in tne innocent until proven guilty concept.

I won't even get into why she has scrubbed her social media to wipe out any political positions or why the Democrats sat on this for weeks before springing it at tne last minute. Sorry, this is just dirty politics. Just another high tech lynching.

Your opinion may vary.

Anonymous said...

It does. The Democrats may be guilty of using it. Both the he said have a lot to lose by admitting it if they remember thru their drunken haze. She had more to lose by being the she said. She will always be labeled and harrassed. The he can lie and still get what he wants. Isn't that the issue. Lie lie lie get the power. By the way dictators have small government think on that. Being independent doesn't mean you are a left leaner it means you stand for independence from power and corruption.

Joe said...

Anonymous -- you stole from the local hardware store when you were a teen. I know you did. I saw you. You then fenced the goods to buy drugs.

I am not sure which store, nor exactly when, but I remember it clearly.

Prove to me you didn't. I know you are lying in your denials because if the truth came out it would ruin your reputation, maybe hurt you at your job.

I know I am open to ridicule, your family and friends will harass me. That only proves I am correct. Failure to believe my story proves you are but a partisan.

Sounds silly as heck, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean I didn't either. Love that hammer. Oh excuse me loved the weed I toked from the money I got pawNing or is it pawing it if we want to associate it.
The problem is you never attack the repubs. It shows bias. If you are truly non partisan you would dole equally but when ask to do so you scream you are no leftist. Read back on your blogs. The rnc would love to hire you on staff.
And if you think stealing hardware rates to a personal assault and the two can be associted I hope to he'll in your life you are never faced with it. Those that have know what it takes from you and what it takes to be open about it. Empathy is a hard taskmaster. It makes you question yourself. I'm asking you to step to the middle. Can you.

Joe said...

Totally unfounded rumor:

In March of 17 Christine Blasey Ford posted on Facebook that
someone needed to come forward and accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to derail his SCOTUS nomination. She further said such accusations should continue until Trump nominates Merrick Garland.

Not exactly the same thing. It is indicative, but -

Copied from comments on another site. Call me skeptical. But if it is true someone will find the posting. That would change everything.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is not true. If so she needs help and is deranged. I really believe that is probably generated to create the doubt. If so then those people are deranged and need help. Shame for taking a bad situation and making beyond worse. It will destroy both groups and no one will believe anyone. Shame on the gas throwers. It does blow back sometimes you know.
Annoyance anon mighty but never blind mouse.

Linda said...

You are not a Rep??? You could have fooled me. A sexual assault is fraught with emotion not usually involved in taking something from a hardware store. Your attitude toward women is very demeaning.

dragonlady474 said...

I am a survivor of a violent rape. I was 15 years old, it was my "first time". I was dropped off, and I crawled back home, before he decided to come back. I know the exact date. In fact, the date is coming round soon. I usually get sick as it gets closer, go figure. Even if I wanted to forget, my body wouldn't let me. In their case, I can't imagine not remembering when it happened, unless of course they blocked it out completely, or they were too young to know what the date was. It just seems a little too convenient that they suddenly come out about it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your situation. But please remember everyone situation is different. It sounds as yours was violent horrific act. Her attack though tramatic as described was not as physically violent as yours. Imagine if your attacker was all over the news held up as a wonderful family man and holding a position of power. It would unbury feelings and emotions you suppressed. Please do not let politics shade this situation.

Doubt is healthy but kindness and understanding even if it comes out as untrue are important. Both parties and their families are paying a heavy price.
Annoyance anon mighty but not blind mouse

Joe said...

Linda, I was making a point about unfounded accusations.

Look, people lie. All of the time. Women are no more angels (nor devils) than men. MS Ford likely fought off a pawing boy (most women have), it is also possible she is mixed up on the who, after all, she does not remember most of the details. In addition, three of the people she names as being at the party, including one who was not involved in the incident, say it never happened or that they were not there.

If you cannot see the dirty politics of this, then you are as politically blind as you all claim I am.

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