October 16, 2018

Consider your attention grabbed

I'm a mouth breather from way back. I was the very definition of "snot nosed kid". Allergies left me perpetually with stuffed sinus cavities. The only way to breath as a kid was through my mouth. Fortunately, the allergies have abated over the years. I learned to breath through my nose. Except at night. Then I must fall into old habits. Pokes in the ribs occasionally inform me I am  snoring.  In recent days I have woken to a sore throat. The big question is it an on-coming cold or just a result of very dry air and open-mouth breathing? Hypochondriac me says I am on the brink of.a cold so bad normal humans would beg for a hospital admission. After all, the wife spent the end of last week with a cold. My head says I'm fine, it is just the lack of humidity. Time will tell.

It is a chilly 33 outside this morning. Brr. OK,  I wouldn't know. I'm inside where it is a semi-comfortable 68. But I bet if was outside sans shoes and coat I would be cold.

Look, do you want a blog post or not?

I could bore you with the minutiae that is my life. Aside, yes there are things even more boring than the opening paragraphs. I don't think I will do that to you. Instead I hope you have a great day. Rest assured I will be back if real inspiration strikes. It would be best if you check back often. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

That dry raspy throat, if not infected, is open to it.

Linda said...

I wake up that way. sooner or later, it will make me ill.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

CPAP user here. I seem to get upper respiratory crud less often than I did before. And I don't snore anymore. (Wife says I wheeze, but I think that's the machine she's hearing.)

dragonlady474 said...

It could be your sinuses draining into your throat. When mine do,I wake up with a sore throat. It goes away after a little while.

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