October 28, 2018

No, it does not take a village

There is evil in this world. We are each responsible for our actions. The Pittsburgh Synagogue murderer is one of the evil ones.

Anti-Semitic Democrats and haters like Louis Farakhan are not responsible for the murders any more than President Trump is responsible for the pipe bomb mailer, or Bernie Sanders for the guy who shot Republicans practicing baseball.

As a conservative, I believe in personal responsibility. Put the blame where it belongs. If the news organization you read or watch finds a way in one of the three cases cited above to blame a third party for an act of evil,  I would seek an alternate source for my news.

But then you are responsible for the misinformation you choose to ingest.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I am not sure I agree. Someone, somewhere, put the idea in these people's heads that the thing they went gunning for was evil. Certainly they were susceptible to the message, but without the message, where is the impetus for direct action?

If it turns out that, say, the guy in Pittsburgh was a devotee of some anti-Semitic rabble-rouser, how is the latter not somehow responsible for putting ideas into the former's head?

I'm all for freedom of speech and all that "I may disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it" stuff, except when it leads to misguided souls killing people for no reason other than their religion (or any other idiotic reason for killing someone). Freedom of speech is like any other freedom -- wielding it requires that the wielder accept responsibility for what he says, and if one of your followers interprets your message to mean "go open fire in a synagogue on a Saturday morning during a bris", then you have to own that.

But if responsibility were actually assessed for such things, Minister Farakahn -- not to mention and half the Democratic Party -- would be in jail long since for incitement.

Anonymous said...

That is something to think about


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