October 25, 2018

What is all about, Alfie?

For the more than thirteen years I have been writing here I have tried to come to terms on what this blog is about. It isn't a political blog, although we discuss politics.  It isn't a humor blog, though I think I am occasionally amusing. It isn't a hobby blog. I guess it is just a slice of life blog, or at least the sliver of my life I choose to share nearly every morning.

I write about politics or the events that affect me at a given moment in time. I guess it is a near-anonymous journal where I leave out most of the personal details that are interesting, salacious, embarrassing, and trite.

A few weeks after I started this blog my grandmother passed away. I chronicled my kids as they graduated high school and college. My mother-in-law died after a long bout with cancer. I had grandchildren born. My mother died. My grandson died. We played sports, watched movies. I argued with idiots in the comments. I had some great discussions too. We have learned a little bit in our regular  communications. I have started and lost jobs. We have moved houses and even cities of residence. I have chronicled vacations and business trips. In short, I have offered a peep show through a tiny fish eye lens set into the steel door of my real life.

I guess that is what this place is about: Life. It took me almost a decade and a half to figure it out.

I guess I am a bit dense at times. On the other hand, I don't suppose it matters to you a whit.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are all doing fine. The funeral is tomorrow. It will be tough, but I have had a while to prepare.

I have a canned joke ready for Saturday. Normal nonsense may resume Sunday, unless I need to blow off steam in the interim.

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dragonlady474 said...

Don't feel pressured to do anything. Just take a moment and grieve, in whatever way you feel is best for you. Just don't forget to remember the good times, and smile.

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