November 21, 2018

Humpity Humpity

Good morning. One more work day before a very long weekend. I'm ready. My boss scheduled a conference call to begin at 4:30 to last until 6:00. On the day before a holiday.

I know.

In his defense the boss is working in CST, so he will get out at 5. Besides, he is in Mexico, so it is just another Wednesday for him. Still, it gives me an excuse to complain. I'm good at that. I am still trying to rehydrate my long dried-up sense of corporate identity. I have been spoiled in the intervening years since I last worked for a MegaCorp.

Deleted two paragraphs of additional complaint here. You are welcome.

I hope your turkey is thawed and the groceries are bought. You are running out of time. we are heading to my daughter's for dinner tomorrow. My dad is bringing the last of the pies mom had frozen. My mother was an award-winning pie maker (really). She won at the fair a couple of times. Sometimes people helped her with stuff, handymen, etc. in exchange for a pie. I will eat a slice with sadness beyond measure.


B said...

That's what you get for living in a part of Indiana that used EASTERN time.

Which is, for the rest of us in the Midwest, the incorrect time.

Just wrong time, I tell ya, just wrong.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.

Jean said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.

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