November 6, 2018

I pulled the lever by pushing a red button

I couldn't believe the turnout when I moseyed over to the elementary school to cast my vote. Parking was at a premium, even street side parking was full. We waited about 15-20 minutes to vote. Considering we usually walk right up to the voting machine at mid-morning, that was crazy. It was not as busy as last year's general election though. 

I did my civic duty. I declined the stupid "I voted" sticker because I did not want one.

Per the normal way of things in this part of the state, lots of "R"s on the ballot; few Dems. Many local races were uncontested. Not as bad as a few years ago when I lived down in Shelby County and there was not a single Democrat running for office at the city or county level. Just a few miles south of my 'burb you would be hard pressed to find Republicans running for many of the offices. That is how stuff works when there are urban, suburban, and rural voters. 

Whether my guy or gal wins, life will go on. You won't find me crying or rioting in a fit of pique. And in truth, I doubt your life changes by much either. 

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