November 11, 2018

Take That Dannies

The mighty Wabash Little Giants captured the Monon Bell once again yesterday. That marks 9 out of the past ten years.

These two tiny schools have met on the football field for 125 years. That is a rivalry.


Laura said...

You must be from the same neck of the woods in Indiana as my family. I grew up hearing about the Monon Bell. My dad was born and raised in Westfield, attended Purdue for a while before WWII, and I spent several happy summers in Westfield on my grandparents' farm or at my aunt & uncle's home, eating sweet corn and tomatoes until I burst, swimming at Hillside Club, going to movies in Carmel (just a wide spot in the road then, as was Westfield), watching softball in Nobleville, and visiting other places over the area. Our son graduated from Earlham in 2000; that was the last time I was back there. The farm was sold in the early 70s, and the land still sits empty. The farmhouse had been a stop on the Underground Railway.

Joe said...

Yep I am very close to Westfield. I live right where Carmel, Noblesville, and Fishers. meet. Back in those days Westfield was a sleepy dot on tne map. It is now a booming city.

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