November 24, 2018

Up and down the ladder

I was busy as a bee yesterday. No, not shopping. You make me laugh. I dragged the Christmas stuff out of the attic. I swear every year I am going to put the lights away properly. That is, not thrown in a tangle in a box. Then January comes. So I untangled them and made sure they worked. Only one set failed to work and I had a replacement set new in the box.

We got the lights on the roof line, wreaths on the windows, the bushes and shrubs lit. It is a veritable Christmas wonderland. I also raked the leaves from the front yard yet again. I also cleaned the gutters while i was putting up the lights. We will start on the inside of the house decorations and trees today.

It is a good thing I got that exercise.  I ate way too much Thursday. As usual, we had two feasts -- one for each side of the family. It was great to see everyone. The best part was none of the dinners were at my house! I made noodles and dinner rolls to take to my daughter's and Deluxe Reese's Brownies and corn salad to take to my wife's family gathering. I got kudos all around. Everyone digs the corn salad. It sounds gross but is very good:

2 cans corn drained( I use Southwest/Mexicali corn   Small onion diced.  Green bell pepper diced   Package of sharp cheddar cheese shredded    1 C mayo (use the real stuff)
Stir and chill. Right before serving crush up a whole bag of Chili Cheese Fritos and stir them in.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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