November 7, 2018

Wave bye bye

When we were in Hawaii a few years ago we visited the North Shore to see the big waves at the famed Bonzai Pipeline. The ocean was as placid as the retention pond out by the Interstate. I have seen ski boat wakes make bigger waves. It seems the big waves only smash into the shore in the winter.

Pundits promised a big blue Democrat Bonzai Pipeline-like wave in yesterday's election. Instead we got the North Shore in May. The party out of power always picks up seats in the midterm election. Rarely is it so few. What  we saw yesterday was no mandate. Rather it was a meh, whatever. In fact, one might argue it was a continuation of anti-incumbent voting we saw in 2016.

I don't see waves of "me too" outrage or "impeach Trump now" hysteria. I see a little ripple on the political water. If anything, the anti-Kavenaugh votes might have lost the Femocrats a couple of seats.

What do you think?

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think Kavanaugh had a lot to do with getting the GOP base out to vote, and may have flipped a lot of independents.

I'm pretty sure Mexico Joe Donnelly lost because of the Kavanaugh Effect. It sure wasn't due to Mike Braun making hay with it, though.

The 7th District needs to be split up instead of being a haven of votes for Andre Carson, though. Although, while I'm no big fan of Susan Brooks, I'm damn glad to be in District 5 and not 7.

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