December 11, 2018

Going with the party line

It is another busy week in corporate America. I'm off to do my Willie Loman thing this afternoon accompanied by my boss. We have stops scheduled in Ohio and the greater Detroit area over the next few days. We will hit the road after the office Christmas pitch-in lunch.

I'm not a big fan of pitch-in meals because that means other people have touched my food in kitchens of dubious cleanliness. I am not reassured by the request from last month's office suggestion box that signs need to be posted in the restrooms advising employees to wash their hands. That means someone witnessed a piss n' go at some point. That miscreant will bring food. I don't want to eat it.

Friday night marks the Office Christmas Party. That is an event I would gladly skip, but my wife is looking forward to it.

Saturday is my granddaughter's fourth birthday party. At some point Christmas gifts need to be bought and wrapped.

The boss wants me back in Mexico next week. I am going to resist as much as I can. The prospect of flying back into the US on the Friday of Christmas weekend seems a rotten idea, if you ask me. I bet I do not get my way.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Wave as you go by.

dragonlady474 said...

Well DANG you've been busy! I hope you can bypass the Christmas trip, and can stay in Hoosier Land.

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