January 29, 2019

I think a donut is in order

Let's just get it out of the way -- it is cold. It is probably cold at your house too. It is going to be even colder over the next few days. Really cold. I get to travel in it. Customer summons and Joe goes. There is a lot of nothing between here and there, wide open flat windy prairie. I am slightly apprehensive about travelling in -15 temps with wind chills in the -30 range.

I had a pithy post in my mind Sunday evening. By the time yesterday came it fizzled away into the mists of coulda, shoulda land. So you got nothing yesterday and a soporific weather report today.

Ain't blogging grand? Oh well, I did deep thinking over the weekend. A couple of long posts you most likely skipped are followed by this nonsense. I think it is clear I have wrung this dishrag of a hobby for all I can get out of it. It may be time soon to let it die a natural death.

Have a great Tuesday.

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