January 26, 2019

The fetid swamp water gets a little deeper

Trump caved. The King of Negotiators got nothing for his efforts. As a professional negotiator I can tell you this, once an issue comes off the table, it is not coming back up for discussion. There will be no wall -- Not now, not in three weeks. Oh, and as a byproduct of lousy negotiating, we just elected a far-leftist as our next president.

I will get to that, but as a quick aside, if The Wall was all so important why didn't the Stupid Party fund it when they had control of both Houses of Congress? That  was as recently as 27 days ago...

The Democrats are all struggling to see who can out-commie the economically illiterate chick from the Bronx. Trust me, the lefties will run someone who thinks we should be the next Venezuela or Cuba. They might even choose someone who thinks all Whites are the Anti-Christ, except they don't believe in the religion thing, and that Men (well white men anyway) are the root of all evil. We Americans survived Woodrow Wilson and his co-President wife, we can survive Kamela. *

The Repubs will run Trump, because why rock the boat? Since they have the worst PR apparatus in the free world and have no idea how to tout the good stuff Trump has done, The People will be pissed because Trump couldn't pass legislation (not his job) and stay home.

Those who think they are owed something, you know, anyone under 35 and most people who are not fair-skinned, will vote the Lefty into office because he/she will promise something for nothing. We will one again be back to the Alvin Lee/Ten Years After political platform. **

Don't worry, the new lefty will not deliver on his/her promises and the voters will put the other guys back in charge of the purse strings two years later. The Levelers always overreach. The Invisible Hand always trumps Marxism, even in Mao's China and Stalin's USSR or Fidel's Worker's Paradise.

Nothing will change. The Swamp Monsters will tax a little more, spend a lot more and the corruption train will chug chug chug right on.

* at least the next President will not be Hillary, that you can take to the bank.
** iTunes or YouTube, can explain this just by listening to a righteous tune


Anonymous said...

Wow. No bias on your part. Reading your post it assumes the only ones that are not Republican are the unwashed masses or delusional academia. Your "they" and "us" shine thru. You might try "we the people". Empathy is a desireable trait. Self examination is essential for success. Try both sometime.

Joe said...

Gee, I was not aware that there was a need, nor even a desire on my part, to be neutral. So sorry.

Please let me know going forward how I should frame my opinions and come to conclusions. Your happiness is my foremost concern.

I certainly did not intend to violate the unwritten rules of blog posts. I did not know I needed to bow before the Arbitor of All Things Internet before writing my opinion.

Thanks for letting me know.

I thought I might work on a post about the mass murders wrought by communists in the 20th Century, focusing on Lenin, Castro, Mao, and Pol Pot for starters. Perhaps you can advise the "proper" unbiased way of viewing that history?

I i promise I will spend several hours examining my thoughts and opinions before writing to ensure I get into the "RightThought" frame of mind.

Joe said...

Sarcasm aside. I thought I adequately expressed my disgust and disdain for both political parties, unless you think the appellation "Stupid Party" is a term of endearment.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That was sarcasm? :)
I can never tell. :)

Thanks for the 10 yrs after ref.
Trump folded like a cheap suit.
If you're going to threaten to use emergency powers in 3 weeks, use them now, because nothing will change.

I pray I look stupid for saying that, in a month.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I disagree that he caved.

But we'll see in three weeks.

Joe said...

I hope you are right

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