February 6, 2019

Humpin' through hump day

I'm ensconced here in my hotel. I'm not telling you where, but it is in the Mitten State. I think the Greeks are building a big ol' wooden horse across the street.

True confession time: I skipped watching the Trumpster's big speech last night. I opted to read a little Jack Reacher instead. I suspect my choice was more entertaining. My colleagues mostly watched the SOTU. They were amused. None hail from the US of A.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm becoming weary of the Big Road Show. Luckily I got out of the second leg today. The meetings were with Not My Account. There was no reason for me to go so I was dropped at the hotel with a couple of the not-needed others and the Very Big Boss took over driving duties. It's OK, it is the company van. It even has our logo emblazoned on the side.

We have one last meeting tomorrow in the afternoon. I will have the morning to kill. A little work will be on tap, I suppose. I will drop the gang at a hotel near the airport tomorrow evening then motor my way back to the Hoosierland.

I may make Friday a short work day. The bosses won't know, they will be on airplanes...

Don't rat me out.


Jan said...

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher????!!!

I have to get that image out of my head before I try to read another Reacher book.

Joe said...

Clearly those producers that cast Cruise as Jack Reacher did not read the novels. For starters, Reacher is 6'5", Cruise is about 5'6".

glasslass said...

Lee Child said on FB that there will be no more Jack Reacher books with Tom Cruise. Instead it's going to become a TV series. Oh,Goody!

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