February 2, 2019

Insight to the Big Game, your best bets for Sunday

Another week has slipped by. Nothing remarkable impacted my life. I lived. I worked. I had minor travels.

Weather-wise, welcome to the Midwest. The bone-chilling cold of this week will be replaced with spring-like breezes next week. The lows midweek this week were in the environs of -15. Highs next will push 60: that is a 75 degree temperature change. At least the snow will melt.

All my bosses will be here next week. We will be making the rounds to customers. I get back home Friday. After a weeks' worth of laundry is done I get to pack and join the road show in Mexico the following week as the same merry group visits our customer's production plants South of the Border. Sombreros and serapes are optional.

I have no doubt I will be sick of all of them long before the second week ends. We will be quite the international contingent. There will be Germans and Austrians and Mexicans. I will be the lone American.

Long history demonstrates that most Germans don't get sarcasm, my stock in trade. I have spent a good chunk of my career working with and for Germans. I have heard a quizicle "Vy vould you say that, Joe?" on more than one occasion. I explain it is a joke. "Ah, ya".  A slight nod and puzzled expression follows. * I will have to be on my best linguistic behavior. Using proper English and diction and avoiding a lapse into my south-of-70 Hoosier dialect will also make me tired. Since I speak slowly and do not have that ear-assaulting New York /New England patois, I am easily understood. There is that. To be fair, all of my colleagues speak great English.

Still, I don't want to spend two weeks (8 days actually, spread over 2 weeks) with anyone from work.

*Don't fret, Snowflake Brigade, Germanic blood flows deep in my veins. Even my surname is from the Fatherland. I can criticize. It's like a guy from The Hood using the "N" word.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Horrors! You said "the N word"!

Jean said...

Enjoy the game. I hate T. Brady.

Joe said...

That is 2 posts already this year that will be evidence at my hate crimes trial after the snowflakes take charge

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