February 24, 2019

Way back when things were different

I know history makes your eyes glaze and you are tempted to scratch your initials into your desk or decorate your notebook with hearts surrounding your celebrity crush in a fit of pure boredom. Stick with me anyway, I'll be brief. Honest.

A very long time ago we as a society were faced with a dilemma. Commenters here castigated me in certain terms for my position on the matter. A nominee for the Supreme Court was accused of committing sex crimes thirty years ago. The accuser could not remember where, or when, or any detail of the attack beyond the "who". Of that she was certain. Despite a lack of even the fuzziest of details, we were told we should believe her. Protest and outrage poured forth from the Levelers. We were told that even the hint of such an attack was enough to disqualify the judge for higher office.

What happened to that moral position? What changed? I know it was such a long time ago. I mean really, the Lt. Governor of Virginia has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Where are you hashtag harridans? Where is your outrage? Where is your anger? What happened to your MeToo moment? The skeptic in me might wonder if the Kavenaugh Affair was mere politics....


Jan said...

"...mere politics"

Ya think?

Ed Bonderenka said...

What a cynic.

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