March 26, 2019

A Required Reckoning

I guess rolling around in the slime that is politics just erases any sense of morality. Perhaps it is that people who go into politics lack a basic lack of decency to start with. I don't know: chicken meet egg. Most people faced with incontrovertible facts would mutter an inaudible mea culpa and move on. The Anti-Trumpers intend on doubling down. Investigate More! is the modern political playbook. Schiff and a couple of others have claimed to see incontrovertible evidence of Trump wrongdoing. Now is the time to show the cards or shut the hell up and get on with spending the People's money with frivolous "shovel ready"  infrastructure projects.

In any case, many of us learn that the Trump collusion narrative was akin to aliens in Roswell and ponder just how it got that far? We seriously wonder why no one has taken Clapper and Brennan and applied a dose of hot tar and a bag of feathers before plopping them naked on a rail and bouncing them in an ass-tearing ball smashing ride out of Washington, never to pander their lies on TV again?

Why isn't there a used Amazon box waiting on the desks of a dozen reporters at various media outlets so they can pack their personal shit on the way out the door, fired for lying, incompetence, and general hackery? Why is Rachel Maddow still getting a paycheck? She should be off interviewing old rock stars like Dan Rather, never trusted to even accurately report on the deliberations of the city council.

Mostly, why isn't the HR group at the Justice Department burning the midnight oil printing pink slips and severance packages for the plethora of people who instigated a bogus investigation in the name of getting their preferred candidate elected?

Let me help. Who initiated the warrant on Carter Page and who authorized it?


Ed Bonderenka said...

"Now is the time to show the cards or shut the hell up" and resign.

Anonymous said...

The investigation was into Russian interference. It happened. Many were found guilty. Just because trump was not charged doesn't mean that there wasn't evidence. Just not enough to charge. Please wake up to what is happening. The toxic behavior and side picking needs to stop. We need to let the 2020 election decide the outcome. Stop the division on both sides. And please start seeing people for what they really are not what you want to see.

Cappy said...

I love it. Roswell. Tar. Feathers.

You win the internet!

Joe said...

What part of "no evidence the President or his campaign colluded with Russia" from tne summary leads you to believe there might have been evidence? Are you like the Democrats in Congress that have sooper-sekrit evidence the Special Prosecutor did not see?

The only toxic behavior I have seen is the calls for impeachment before the guy was even sworn in and this whole waste of time investigation. Remember The Obama's famous line:Elections have consequences. Half the country just can't seem to get over it.

And I'm no Trump fan.

Anonymous said...

Obstruction is where there was evidence. And the other courts are not done yet. And with comments like Russia if your listening dig up evidence or putin says strongly he didn't do it. Yuck. Leaves me feeling covered in slime. Democrats may be trigger happy but Republicans are spineless. Yuck yuck yuck. Slime.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't happy about the election either. And not for the first time. I was willing to give a benefit of doubt and see how things went. So I chilled for awhile to see how it was going to go. Thought theater was over and would get down to business. Oh my. It got worse. And very bad then just horrible. Just want someone sane and calm and not psycho. He attracts hate and chaos and promotes it. Meanwhile deficits go thru the roof. Social and environmental programs get hatched and foreign diplomacy goes out the window. When is the crazy going to end? Have we all lost our minds. What the hell?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Anonymous wants us to trust the 2020 elections.
Anonymous should trust the 2016 elections.

glasslass said...

Anonymous says "Many were found guilty". Yes, and all crimes were committed years before Trump ever said I'm running for President. None were for crimes committed during the Presidential campaign. But people like anonymous have their minds made up and no amount of presented proof will ever change it. For Trump you cannot prove a negative. If I said to Anonymous, by the way have you quit beating your wife, how does one respond. Trump, did you collude? Same negative.

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