March 11, 2019

Once more into the breach

Here we are. It is Monday yet again. I have a full slate of work stuff to do. That is good. It is dangerous to not have work.

We had a good but uneventful weekend. We didn't do anything of interest. We went shopping for some new work clothes Saturday. 20 years of T-shirts and jeans or shorts is great until one has to go into an office every day. I had to get a bunch of winter stuff, now I need to look at polo shirts and such. I don't think my employer overlords want to see me in a faded and stretched Cubs shirt and stained cargo shorts.

I fried up some chicken with gravy and biscuits and spuds for our Sunday dinner. I had something else in mind, but the wife wanted fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Since I double as Mr. Wonderful I fried up some chicken.

The youngest boy has been in Colorado visiting his brother since Wednesday. He gets back this afternoon. Boy is his dog going to be happy to see him. The pup likes it here well enough. We have a fenced backyard so he can run free, but he sure misses his owner. With the snow melt and the inch plus of rain Saturday the backyard is a muddy mess. I had to take the dog on a leash a couple of times  to pee on the neighbor's mailbox.

There you have have your Monday minutiae. I'm sure you are riveted. You might have purchased a nice chair to read this blog, but you only need the edge when you read exciting stuff like this.

Sheesh. Have a great Monday.

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