April 20, 2019

Morning Musings, volume XCVII

The Bradford Pears in my backyard are in full bloom. The grass will need cutting soon. Spring is upon us. I have hours and days of yard work to do. Alas, it is raining yet again today.

The Zombies are singing in the background. The boy's dog is snoring in my recliner. The coffee is good. Yes, it is the cheap Walmart brand K-cup; the one in the yellow box, but I buy it because I actually like it.

It appears we will finally start converting my office into a nursery this weekend provided the wife actually chooses some paint.  We need to start soon. My new granddaughter is due any time. Should the baby procrastinate too long, the doctor will induce in early May. Of course, the Wife won't provide day care until my daughter goes back to work, so we really have a couple of months to get things done.

As more sixties rock cycles through my Echo, it is clear Bob Dylan is one of the most over-rated musicians of all time. Should you disagree, feel free to argue your entirely wrong opinion in the comments.

As a student of history I have actually read quite a bit about the Nixon Watergate affair. That bit of spying brought down a Presidency. Other than it was cloaked in semi-official bureaucracy, what is so different about what the Obama administration did to Trump? Seriously, the Obamaites do not look so good in the Meuller report.

I think I am going to try out my new smoker tomorrow. Nothing like a little pork to celebrate the death and rise of a Jewish guy.

And that about wraps up another rambling Saturday post. I hope you have a great day.


Jan said...

The truth about Dillon is seldom printed. A little scary when it is.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The Resurrection gave us permission to eat bacon.
There is a God in heaven.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is he related to Bob Dylan?

Joe said...

Stupid auto correct

Maybe stupid author

Yes, that Zimmerman guy...

hey teacher... said...

Never been a Bob fan.

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