April 27, 2019

The dog ate my homework

It seems this site has become a weekly blog and that is unacceptable, at least to me.

Excuses, excuses, I've many. Last weekend Sunday we started the big office change-over. My granddaughter wanted to move into "Paw's room", so her room will become the baby's when she arrives any day now. My former haven is now a subtle pink. Carpets are cleaned, new curtains hung. What to do with the stuff that used to be in my office? It is temporarily parked in the guest room, the soon-to-be nursery, the master bedroom, the hallway.

I suggested we find a place for and rearrange the furniture, then paint. I also said I wanted to start early last Saturday if we were going to do this project. Nope, the One in Charge rules. We started Sunday after Easter brunch. That way I spent the evenings after work giving a second coat, touching up the trim, hanging blinds and curtains, cleaning the carpet. Two days of work turned into five late nights.

No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?

Now we have to find a place for my desk that is blocking the  hall so we can move the girl's bed and toys. Remember how I stupidly thought we should rearrange my stuff first? You know, so we don't have to move thinge two or three times? "But we have to get the painting done and I don't have time to work on those other rooms to make space" Then I get to start painting the second bedroom. BTW, when all of this was first discussed I was adamant I was only going to paint one room.

Yeah, my opinion doesn't count.

That's why I blog. I get my say and you don't get your way around here! None of you. Take that.

Anyway that is my long crybaby tale of why I did not post all week. Ain't my life exciting?

The best news? The wife says this is just the beginning. She has plans to paint and redecorate every room in the house. She said things have been as they are for six years and it is time for a change.


That is a monotone unemotional "Yay" if you are reading aloud.

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