May 26, 2019

Wake up, he posted something

Yesterday turned out to be a decent day. I took my morning constitutional and read a bit after blogging. I helped the wife clean the house. It rained in the early afternoon. Our friends couldn't make it to play cards though.

We had a little BBQ for dinner and watched a fairly crappy not too funny comedy on Netflix. Ho hum, how the middle class spends a Saturday is boring.

Today? IDK. It is supposed to rain most of the day. Of course they said that about yesterday too. I'll probably read a little. Perhaps I'll pop an old Esther Williams DVD into the blueray if I can't find a suitable old movie on tv. There is an automobile race in the area. I won't go and since it is blacked out, I won't watch it either. I will probably catch part of the Cubbies though.

Ho hum, ho hum. My life is as boring as this blog.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Hey! Hold it down. I'm trying to sleep.

Jan said...



glasslass said...

Can you imagine the response in Hollyweird if someone said "let's make a movie about swimming". They would be laughed out of the country. But I loved them.

Jean said...

Geez. When I lived in Daytona we still got the races on TV.

Joe said...

The race has never been shown live in Central Indiana in my lifetime

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