June 8, 2019

Another completed loop through the heavens

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday she will be ... do you think I’m stupid? Don’t answer that. Do you think I’m so stupid as to spread her age all over the interwebz?  We had a moderate steak dinner last night for an early birthday dinner and I’m headed off to grab some donuts after I finish this post. The oldest granddaughter has s dance recital this evening so we needed to celebrate a day early. Watching four year olds dance is like watching goats attempting synchronized swimming. I know from experience it will be semi-organized chaos.

It looks like Trump’s tariff threat to Mexico worked. Mexico claims it will try to reduce the tide of illegals. I was wrong.

Like a lot of stuff Trump does, I don’t like the style but love the results. I agree with the vast majority of the administration’s policies.

It looks like another rainy weekend. It seems to always rain on the wife’s birthday

Picture gone


Carole said...

I'm taking it that the picture is of your wife--she's a very nice looking woman!

Jean said...

A very Happy Birthday wish to Mrs. Joe. Lovely, lovely lady.

Four-year olds can dance? Will there be a video?

Ed Bonderenka said...

You married up!
Of course, we all, including the president, did. :)

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