June 22, 2019

Random Saturday

I'm blogging from my front porch this morning. A squirrel sits on hind legs in the neighbor's driveway, alternately scolding me and staring. A cardinal sings in the maple in my front yard. The sky is heavy with cloud, it is only a matter of time before the rain resumes.

I cut the grass last night while there was a brief dry spell.

In my never-ending romp through history I come to many conclusions. George Rogers Clark does not get the credit for being an American hero he deserves. His brother is more well known, but the feats George accomplished in the Revolutionary War are the stuff of legend, and those of us who live in the Midwest have Clark to thank. It is quite possible the Revolutionary War could have ended with the United States borders ending at the Appalacians, if not for Clark.

I have been floating along for some months dabbling in the French Revolution as well. In a comparison that is more than surface deep, I see many parallels with today's Democrat Party. I previously compared the Democrats to the Levellers of 17th Century England and one wing of today's Democrat party still fits that bill.

But the increasingly shrill and militant arm is very akin to the Jacobin Party of Revolutionary France. No, they have not started rounding up their opponents for a trumble ride to the Place de la Revolution for a date with Madame Guillotine, but the efforts to silence anyone they disagree, their economic policies, their general intolerance and self-righteousness is Jacobian to the core. The good news is AOC is no Robespierre nor Danton; she is not that smart. Unfortunately, I see a very sans coulotte-like attitude among many of the twenty-somethings in America.

Holy Crap! I interrupt this "old man get of my lawn" diatribe. I reached down to grab my cup of coffee for a sip and there was a chipmunk sitting next to the cup. I'm not sure who jumped more. He scurried off in a panic leaving behind a small wet spot next to my coffee where he pissed himself in terror. I'm sure he is wondering what I'm doing out here.

I've rambled on enough. Go ahead, look up the Jacobins. Learn something.


glasslass said...

Bad man scaring a poor chipmunk :)
Called a friend in Tx and you put her into stitches with your jokes. At one point thought I would have to call someone to get her oxygen as she couldn't catch her breath for laughing. Thanks

Ed Bonderenka said...

New meaning to "stop it, you;re killing me!"

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