June 15, 2019

Who knew John Dean was still alive? G Gordon Liddy could still kick his ass

Surprise! It is raining. It will be yet another soggy weekend here in the Hoosierland. It is probably wet at your house too if you live outside of the southwest.

Normally, we have naught scheduled on the weekends. The wife and I could never be considered social butterflies. We are invited to two parties today! The girl across the street is graduating and our best (pretty much only) friends are having a 35th Anniversary party. Our Saturday is booked. Unfortunately both parties are at the same time

The Cubs got hammered again last night by the evil Dodgers. I do enjoy listening to the late ball games when I go to bed

Can anyone tell me what John “Watergate “ Dean had to offer regarding Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia? Dude was a criminal turncoat in the Nixon administration. He was a rat fink who only was redeemed in Democrat eyes because he helped bring down Nixon. He has since made a career going on cable and bashing Republicans. Dean hasn’t been involved in government since I was a little kid, what the hell does he know? Only the Democrats would call someone convicted of Lying to Congress to testify to ...Congress.

What next? Are the Democrats going to bring in an expert on the Tea Pot Dome Affair? Let’s rehash every Republican scandal we can find. Johnson was only saved from  impeachment by one vote, maybe the Senate can get a re-do on that one? WTH we are erasing our past anyway, why not.

Johnson’s crime was a reluctance to really punish the South for Slavery, so it would fit with the current political atmosphere.

Boy this blog is going to be prime evidence when the AOC Democrat thought police get in charge. Don’t believe me? The California Democrats have put a plank in their platform that not all speech should be protected by the First Amendment. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Do I need to explain again that the First Amendment exist to protect the most heinous speech? That is why it exists.

You probably wish I would just stick to posting old jokes.

Have a great Saturday

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Practical Parsimony said...

Actually, not all speech is protected now under the first amendment.

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