July 3, 2019

Beef Cadet

The frequent rains and long, long spring have kept us from doing a bunch of the normal yard work. In short, the house looks bad. Since most of my customers are on summer shutdown, I decided to take some time from work this week. Yesterday I hacked up the out of control lilac bushes. They are trimmed and look fairly even, but no one will mistake me for Edward Scissorhands. I set up my little fountain. I weeded a couple of the flower beds.

Lowes has bags of mulch on sale this week, so I will spread some mulch this morning before it starts raining again. Sigh. I am not sighing at the work, but rather the threat of rain every day for the next week. The Glorious Fourth looks increasingly wet, as does the block party scheduled for the cul-de-sac on Saturday. 

Now that my rage has settled, I guess we can admit Kaepernick's kneeling really was not about police brutality or starting a"conversation about race". He really was protesting America and the flag itself. The Castro shirt wasn't an accident nor ignorance. Those of you who supported his actions can kiss my rear too. BTW, those new Nikes I bought last week are heading back to tne store, no matter how comfortable they might be. I have not worn them yet and I'm not going to.

My coffee mug is down to the dregs. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

You comment a lot on government and history. You state your knowledge on readings and study of history and military actions.
What have you read or studied on being black in america. What about that history or personal accounts. Have you read the statements the whole statements made by people or the sound bites cherry picked by those whose message they wish to portray?
Have you walked a mile in their shoes?
Or are you just wanting to protect your world, your privlege, your thoughts?
What might make this country great again is compassion, empathy, forgiveness, haste to anger, moderation of greed, and less consumerism.
I don't have to return the Nike shoes because I would never pay that for shoes. Shoes are to go on your feet to protect and get you from point a to b. Americans have lost all common sense on purchases. Wake up people.
Start being good people. Care about your money, care about other people .... golden rule people, golden rule.

Joe said...

Of course I do not know what it is like to be Black in America. I never claimed to. The whole concept of "walking in someone else's shoes" is silly. My own life experience is different from everybody. Even my own brother was shaped by different friends, jobs, interests. That is what makes us unique individuals.

I do have opinions, some are more educated than other people's . Some not. I have studied more history and politics than your average American. Of that I'm sure. I am not a historian by any means. And let's be honest a practicing historian who knows about the Ancient Greek era may know less than I when it comes to the Zulu Wars.

I do have an opinion when someone puts down my country.

I have just as much right to protest when a person or company trashes America. Unlike the second string QB, I choose to see what is good in America and try to correct her faults. Save your lecture for those people who only look for grievances.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at one.
He didn't trash the country he pointed out it short comings.
If you would read his whole statement you would see but I guess that wouldn't suite your purpose.
I guess he should just shut up because what the hell would the " boy" know, and with the money he gets he loses all his rights to point out injustice and he better just shut up before he gets taught a lesson. Only white working class males have a right to say anything and no criticism of this perfect functioning country allowed.
Being able to change and open to our actions and aware of our selves is one of the reason this country has become the best. Don't lose the principles that helped create it even if it's painful and hurts sometime.
Blind following is dangerous.
Keep your eyes open, your heart large, and your brain engaged.

Joe said...

Why Any Mouse you get me wrong. Kaepernick has every right to protest. I said it when this whole thing started. I have every right to disagree.

But it wasn't about police violence and a conversation about race as clajimed when the protest started. His objection to the flag on shoes and Nikes willing compliance proves it is really the Flag they have issue with and by association, the Nation itself.

Anyone who sports a Castro T-shirt (or Che for that matter) is historically ignorant and loses the right to talk to me about oppression.

Anonymous said...

Then why call him second string, because if he was first string it would make a difference. That's a personal attack. That's pulling the blindfold off lady justice.
How about if he had been white, first string, church leader, republican .... you get the picture. It's amazing how the message is received when the packaging changes.
Wow so if I wear a trump shirt I can say anything I want and talk about oppression?
The original intent of castro and che if my history serves me correct was a good one. Somewhere along the way it went very bad... hum.....
Good intentions bad consequences. Both sides note....
And believe me it fits both sides...
Glad you recognized my persona. That means my message is clear and consistent.

Joe said...

If you were to refer to me a salesman, it is no insult, it describes my job. Same as describing the 2nd string BB. Lighten up and stop looking for ways to be offended, anonymous commentor.

"The original intent of castro and che if my history serves me correct was a good one. Somewhere along the way it went very bad".

Words fail me. Communism, so popular they had to build a wall in Germany to keep the capitalists out. If you really believe what you wrote, you need to read a little more history. The 20th century death toll from communism makes Hitler a piker in comparison. For goodness sake google Stalin, Mao, or PolPot for starters. Castro was a mini-me of those murderous thugs, Che even worse.

You cannot be serious. You are clearly baiting me, no one can be that I'll-informed.

Anonymous said...

The original intent of castro was removal of corrupt batista government. It was suppose to then be handed over to the people but castro became dictator. Power corrupts again.

Anonymous said...

Your second string was deliberate you could have called him a football player. The same as if I called you a used car salesman or a snake oil salesman or backup salesman or a assistant salesman not just using the term salesman. Language tells people more by your selection of words. You as a salesman should be heavily aware of this.
If you look up che on Google the definition of the message of wearing tshirts of che is to show rebellion and protest. It's not looked at as a poster for pro communism.
If you did a study and reading of black history past, and not so past, as much as you do for other history your empathy and understanding of their fears, anger, and message might be more empathetic.

Joe said...

1. Calling me a used car salesman would be inaccurate. Calling Kaepernick a second string QB is correct. You are just hunting something to bitch about. Try enjoying life instead of looking for things that offend you.

2. Anyone who thinks a Che shirt is just a protest is historically and factually ignorant.

3. You have no idea what books I have read in my life. Who is stereotyping now?

And finally, it was Kaepernick and his supporters who told us his protest was not about tne flag, rather about police brutality and a conversation about race.

His objection to an Amercan flag on a pair of shoes belies that statement.

I pointed out the hypocrisy. EOS.

Nothing else is relevant unless you have evidence to the contrary.

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