July 6, 2019

Dear Nike, another viewpoint

Your SJW stance may go over great with the Woke-types out in the greater metro-Portland area and the Left West Coast in general. The problem is I have yet to see an Antifa thug sporting a swoosh across his mask as he's beating reporters and smashing windows.

It is out here in flyover country and the suburbs your anti-American stance is not so well received. When you have lost my wife, one of the most apolitical people ever, you have a problem.

But then maybe I get it after all. Your America sucks message will certainly resonate with your Chinese suppliers and help you gain market share against rivals Adidas and Reebok with the Euro-weenies who have long held a Marsha, Marsha, Marsha complex against the upstart and rude Americans.

I'm not a big boycott guy. Nor do I march and protest. It is not my thing. I won't burn any perfectly good shirts. Nor will I throw shoes in the garbage. I already spent that money, getting rid of my stuff hurts you a nonce. I did return that pair of running walking shoes I grabbed on sale at Nordstrom Rack. Rest assured you will get no more of my hard-earned cash. That hurt Nordstrom, not you. But so it goes.

I'm just one old white guy in a little state in the middle of he country. Trust me, I am not alone in my disappointment.  A smart run company would remember that money sees no color, takes no political stance, accepts the cash of any willing consumer. But good for you, Nike, you proved you are Woke. I hope your share holders wake up and dump your stock.


Practical Parsimony said...

I wonder what else he could protest if he only looked at products in a racist era. This country has been racist for a long time. will he protest and boycott items from very racist times? It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

They accept your cash. They don't care about your beliefs. They will sell you some shoes just not those because blaCK people's money sees color. And yours. If your money was color blind it would buy a pair of shoes because they are a pair of shoes based on clear and red colors. That's the blood sweat and tears used to make the green money that pays for these items. Wake up from your consumerism. That is your real enemy. It makes you someone's n word no matter what your skin color is.

Joe said...

Consumerism makes tne economic world go around. Buy more stuff! Manufacture more stuff! Free enterprise rules!

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