August 12, 2019

By the time I got to Woodstock

I watched a PBS documentary yesterday about tne legendary Woodstock concert. I was seven when tne concert took place, so I have no memory of it. I have seen the movie several times ( I own a DVD copy). I dig the music.

It might have been three days of peace love and music, but the old man in me views it differently than I did at 17. Typical Lefties, the hippies showed up expecting free stuff. They crashed the gates and trampled the fences. Most did not bother with tickets. Finally, no other alternative available the promoters gave up trying to collect tickets. The promoters lost everything financially.

The kids showed up without food or in many cases money to purchase food. They came without shelter.

Worse, the attendees left behind tons of garbage and refuse.

Over the years, estimated attendance has ballooned from 300,000 to pushing 500,00 by some estimates. Like a Trump Inaugaration, people's memory seems to inflate the crowd size.

By the time Hendrix was butchering the National Anthem Monday morning, the crowd had shrunk to tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands.

Some of the hippie stuff cracks me up. Shouting "no more rain" was pointless. Did anyone really believe Mother Nature cared she was inconveniencing a bunch of stinky hippies?  Please don't eat the brown acid, indeed.

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