August 8, 2019

Do something, part 19

I sit here impatiently this morning. I'm tapping my foot. I am fidgeting in anticipation. Where are you Anonymous? I am waiting on your screeching comment on the actions of the mass murderer in SoCal last night.

It must be Trumps fault. It must be my fault. We should blame the white guy culture. Mysogonic thought is likely involved. If only we had "common sense" gun laws and background checks, none of this would happen. Five innocents would be alive.

Oh wait, it was an angry Hispanic wielding a knife.

Oh my, what if it had a black plastic handle?

Did you know anyone can buy a knife at WalMart? Did you know you can get them at gun shows? There is no required psychology test before you are licensed to own a knife? You are not even required to have permission from the Government to carry a knife. Children have access to knives. Why do people need more than one knife? I have at least 10, the police should keep a list and watch me closely, I guess.

Or, perhaps humans are just evil. Some are crazy. When those traits combine terrible things happen.


Practical Parsimony said...

Every time I hear some French citizen or Englishman has killed several with a knife, I yell "knife control." We need to remove them all and have people register to buy a knife to peel apples.

Anonymous said...

It's easier to fight someone that has a knife than a gun. They can't kill as many either and it's up close and personal. You can't stop every situation but you can sure make it tougher.
So stop the cherry picking examples
Stop the stupidity
Stop trying to prove your right and superior
Start trying to make things as right as you can.
Nothing is perfect and fool proof but prevention goes a long way.
Common sense gun ownership is fine.
No one needs a machine gun style weapon. If you are in a situation that you do, you are probably screwed anyway.

Joe said...

You do understand machine guns have been highly regulated since the 1930 s and few exist in private hands?

I don't have to right, though it would be nice if you tried not to be wrong on your facts.

Step away from tne DNC talking points.

None have been used in mass murders. This century.

None of the proposals offered to date would have stopped last weekends shootings.

Punishing innocent people for he actions of others seems sorta useless to me.

Practical Parsimony said...

So, you are saying it is okay to kill just a few people? Ask the first few who are killed in any manner and see what they say.

Anonymous said...

Call them rapid repeat, multiple magazine whatever you want.
It's not punishment it's common sense just like all our laws about not drinking too much and driving or owning rocket launchers, or driving tanks down the street, etc..
And it's minimize death and no I don't it's okay for a few to die, really ???????that's what you got from my statement? Wow I'm really just stunned. I shouldn't be anymore.
You people have a nice life, stay well, and best of luck to you. I wish you health, wealth, and blessed life.

Joe said...

Hello anonymous

I don't want to argue. I enjoy a good dialogue and learn much from opposing points of view.

Yes, there is a "but". You should educate yourself. Go to a local gun range or store. Ask for information. One semi-automatic rifle or handgun fires no faster than any other. It is only how fast you pull the trigger. This is true for all semi-automatic guns whether it looks like a military weapon or not. This is true of a shotgun, a pistol, a little squirrel gun, or an AR-15. The difference is the speed and size of the projectile.

When you state things that just are not true, it ruins your whole argument.

Finally, it is OK to have opposing ideology. You seem to infer that only some of us want to live in a happy safe and prosperous world. Trust me, we all want that.

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