August 6, 2019

Do something

The horrific mass shootings of recent weeks sickens me. I pray for the families of the victims.

It is the perverted response from the politicians that nauseates me the most. Does every event have to be used to score political points? No matter how you feel about the President, he is no more to blame for the actions of the shooters than Obama was for the baseball field shootings of Republican Congressmen.

In the era of everyone gets a trophy self-esteem boosting, we have lost sight that we are all responsible for our own actions.

In the wake of the shootings people are crying "do something". Just what "something" would have prevented these tragedies? If you ban plastic rifles, those intent on murder will use wood-stocked guns that work the very same way. Which of these guys, none whom had a record, would have failed any background check?

One of the shootings took place in California, home of tough gun laws. Fifty-two were shot in Chicago last weekend. Chicago has tough gun laws. Which law would have prevent this?

If the answer is to punish the innocent for the crimes of others, you need a different starting point.

I have no answers. I have no solutions. It is a culture thing. Today, everybody wants to be famous. They want to be YouTube and Facebook stars. They want everyone to read their blog. The truth is no further away than the mirror.

Quit publicizing the killers.

Stop using human tragedy as a political platform.


Anonymous said...

Stop selling assault rifles.
Stop calling people of different religion and race rapist and murders.
Stop dividing the country.
Stop the campaign rallies that incite violence.
Stop saying white supremist are good people too.
Stop the hidden racism.
Stop and think for a change.

Joe said...

Will start with point #1: you do understand it is illegal to own an assault rifle? The very few in private hands are very expensive and very regulated.

Stop and get some facts for a change

Joe said...

Was the Asian Va Tech shooter a white Supremicists?

There is no evidence tne Parkland shooter or the guy in Dayton was either. The murderer inn El Paso killed white people too.

Stereotyping is an evil practice. Quit letting headlines dictate your political position. Research.

The first Amendment exists to protect the speech we find most objectionable. I wouldn't want to live in a place where your thoughts become crimes.

If you think the government should control speech and thought, remember Trump will dictate those matters.

As for dividing he country, which party started the day after the election calling anyone who voted differently racists and worse.

Joe said...

In summary, your list makes a great bumper sticker, but how do you force any of that on the public?

#1 is already done, the rest is just a fascist wet dream.

Joe said...


Which KKKer with an assault weapon shot 52 people in Chicago last weekend?

Yeah, as I said step away from the DNC propaganda for a minute.

Cheryl said...

Joe Obama was president for 8 years and he didn't get it done either. Sick, twisted people will always find a way. Think we might need better background checks. I live near Pittsburgh, PA the the moron mayor is trying to pass a law to stop people in the city from having guns. It isn't going to well for him.

Joe said...

Exactly Cheryl. You covered in a sentence or two what took me a shoe post and four comments

Cheryl said...

Not long ago I thought I might vote for Biden but boy he is one confused man. His time has come and gone. The rest of them are not any better.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It's not the guns.
It's the power they want over you.
The power to make you give up your rights.
The power to subjugate you to their whims.
The guns are meant to prevent that.
It's the guns.

Anonymous said...

Stop being part of the problem

hoosierboy said...

I'm the problem?

I am not sure how you came to that conclusion, but good for you that you have solved things.

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