August 9, 2019

Friday Fish Fry

It is Friday. Too bad it isn't payday. One of those isn't coming soon. I do have some good prospects in the works. I have a tentative offer, but at more than 30% below the wages I have earned in recent years. In fact, the rate is akin to what I was making back in the 1990s. It beats unemployment, but I cannot live long-term on it. After my bills there will be nothing left for stuff Since the job will require travel, a second job is hard to find to supplement my income. Boo hoo for me, I know. The other positions are not at quite the offer stage, but the salary is higher. Too bad I am most qualified for the low-paying job. I am sure they are low-balling me because they know I need a job.

Here is a post that explains the whole gun control debate clearly and succinctly. You should read it. Really. Go read it. Especially you anonymous commenters of the liberal bent.

As far as I know we have no weekend plans. Beginning next week the granddaughter starts soccer. There is nothing funnier than watching four-year-olds trying to do sports. It is like watching clowns herd cats. I have been out practicing with her in the backyard. I am not sure if she likes kicking the ball, but I know she digs her black and pink cleats.

Since I have some time on my hands, I have been looking for entertainment. Nothing on my Kindle has grabbed my attention for the past week or so, but one series on TV has. Yellowstone has become my new favorite show. I spent last weekend catching up on Season 1 and am now caught up on Season 2. The show is set on a modern cattle ranch and can best be described as Dynasty and Dallas meet the Godfather -- with horses. The whole cast is filled with characters you love to hate, starting with Kevin Costner who is great as the patriarch.

I see you have developed that glazed eye look I have come to recognize from my wife when I am telling her a particularly interesting historical fact or sports trivia. She looks at me until I'm done talking. She refrains, from love and politeness, from telling me she does not care. But I know that to her I sound just like a Charlie Brown teacher when I go to the interesting tidbit spiel:

"Did you know, Napolean....whaaa, whaaaaa, whaa, wha, whaaaa...100 days."

You can relate, am I right?

Have a great Friday.

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Practical Parsimony said...

My son sent me a picture of my 4-yr-old g-daughter in her soccer gear. I asked him why she had on the strange long pants. It turns out she was so small the shin guards just swallowed her. I guess that is what they are called. I don't know how she could run.

I recognize that glazed-eye look because my friend has that look when I tell him some trivia that I think is important.

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