August 20, 2019

I cannot wait

I lost my job on July 9. I filed for unemployment and for Medicaid that same day. It is now August 20. I am still waiting on the health insurance coverage the Government insists by law I must have. I paid the $10 to "fast track" my application. 

I called the State today to check on the status. I was told FSSA was waiting on documents from me.

Me: "I sent them in July"

Her: "We received them August 7th".

Me: "I guess you are not waiting on documents after all"

Her: [snippy] "We process everything in the order it comes in"

Me: " I know yOu only work there and do not process the paperwork, but don't you think that is ridiculous to take that long?"

Her: [really snippy] "We process thousands of applications, it can take 45 days".

Me: "I'm diabetic I'm out of medicine Monday, what am I supposed to do?"

Her: "We have other programs that might be able to help you"

Me:"Won't that require an application too that goes through the processing center?"

Her: [tired of me] "You will just have to go to the hospital or pay out of pocket. Thanks for calling FSSA".

Me: [unsaid] I can't go to the hospital I don't have insurance because I'm waiting on you to process an application from July 9th. And if I had the money, you dolt, I wouldn't be applying for the crappy Healthy Indiana Plan.

I can't wait until the Democrats consign us all to Government-run health plans. [sarcasm].


Jean said...

Contact the med manufacturer. They have programs to help.

Ed Bonderenka said...

As Jean said.
You may remember my post of a couple years ago where I went through four jobs in a year.
Each was a step to where I am now.
But health care for Scherie's ridiculously expensive drugs was the problem.
The university hospital gave me a discount, but the pharmacist pointed me to the mfrs coupons.
Those coupons were a result of obamacare, of all things.
the pharma trying to keep down the uproar.

Melissa said...

Call your Dr explain. They should have samples. I am so sorry.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You may still be required to have insurance, but if I recall correctly, the penalty for not having it got struck down, rendering the requirement moot.

Always On Watch said...

What a hideous situation for you!

Damn government.

Joe said...

My Doc will give me samples, and I can get the reduced pricing from the pharmacy. My real frustration is with the bureaucracy.

I cannot imagine anyone who has ever had to deal with this would think single payer is a good idea -- beyond the cost.

Cappy said...

Mr. Kafka will see you now.

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