August 25, 2019

Stuck in Lodi Again

I just flew in from Iowa and boy, are my arms tired.

Well, I did not fly, but boy, are my arms tired. And my shoulders. And my back. I helped a friend do some work yesterday. Most of the toil involved shoveling gravel and dirt.  A lot of both. My hands are sore, just short of blisters, and my body aches, albeit in a good way. 

It has been a long time since I spent a day shoveling gravel. I did a couple summers of it back in my school days when I worked for a roofing firm doing summer work on big flat industrial roofs. If I am honest, I didn't enjoy it when it was my job nearly four decades ago either. It is hard work. Since The Man wasn't paying for my efforts yesterday I took more breaks than I did back when Mr. Henshaw was writing me a weekly check.

Because my Buddy frequently invites us over to swim in his pool, I could at least help out when he needs a hand, but I would do it even if he didn't have nice stuff, that is what friends do.

I just wish his projects weren't such hard work.

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