August 2, 2019

When I am in charge

There is no doubt the world would be a better place if I were given the authority I deserve. When I am Emperor of Terra Firma and King of the Oceans, common sense and moral goodness shall be the order of the day.

Certainly the people who leave their kids to cook inside of hot cars will get their just desserts. Sure it is a tragedy, sure it is an accident, but they killed those children the same as if they shot the kids. I'm not buying into the whole "my brain tricked me into thinking I left the kids at daycare" BS either. Parenting is a full time occupation and you NEVER forget about your kids.

And the dang rabbit that somehow gets through the fence around my little garden to eat my 'maters-- you'll get yours too.

Now I feel a little like Elmer Fudd. Yeah if you are under 30 you have no clue who that is because all good cartoons are offensive to someone. Besides there is a little know codicil to the Faber College Constitution* that not only gives the Dean emergency powers, but demands that every cartoon be about a princess or empowered girl (or person who identifies as a girl).

I seems the near-perfect weather, warm with low humidity, will continue through the weekend. I am good with that.

I'm about done chugging my second cup of java, I better get busy doing nothing. Maybe I'll do everyone a favor and take a shower.

*no one under about 40 gets that reference either.


Cheryl said...

I can't imagine forgetting my kids but I believe people are in such a rush their brains go into overload. Someone did mention, didn't the daycare wonder where those poor children where?. It isn't their fault, but what if a simple call could have prevented this.

Jan said...

How should they be punished? We don't do the whip or stocks any more unfortunately and prisons are overcrowded.

Practical Parsimony said...

Everytime I hear about forgetting a child and it dying, I ask myself aloud even if no one is here, "HOW?" My children were my first thought ALWAYS. I think they should be left in a hot car all day. If they live, okay. I they die, they die, they die.

Elmer Fudd could not have a gun the shoot the wascally wabbit today.

Cappy said...

Ed Bonderenka said...

How should they be punished?
Facebook jail.

Joe said...

Cappy for the win

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