September 20, 2019

Easy scalloped potatoes

Bleeping Cubs.

I know. I need to lower my expectations. Chicago gave me the one Series win I deserve in my lifetime. I can complain in another 105 years or so.

New subject.

It is either reassuring or disconcerting to know the snarky and snide aspect of personality is alive and well. I have tried to temper it around here, but it came out in full force yesterday in correspondence. I only partially regret my acerbic comments, which proves I'm still a self-righteous jerk deep down.

Gotta keep working on that.

New Subject.

It looks to be a beautiful weekend, hot and muggy to end summer officially. We have been invited to a pool party. It has been a lousy week. I could use a distraction.

New subject.

I had a couple of interviews for a position earlier in be month and ultimately was told the company chose a different candidate. So it goes. Until I saw the same job opening newly listed yesterday. WTH?  And no, this is not where I exhibited my own brand of sarcastic commentary referenced above.

New subject.

No politics today.

You are welcome.

Have a great Friday.


Jan said...

Could you be magnanimous and give them another chance?

Joe said...

I will never abandon my Cubbies.

Like most of their fans, I thrive on the disappointment . It is our identity.

If you are talking to the nasty correspondence, it was a mutual FU. Mine was just snarky and snide.

Jean said...

Re-apply. Why not?

Practical Parsimony said...

Maybe persistence will pay off. Apply again.

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