September 28, 2019

Hot with a 30% chance of sarcasm

Happy Saturday. It looks to be a hot one with even warmer days --possibly record setting -- coming early next week. Oh noes, Global Warming! We're all gonna die. We may have to schlep a few miles down theroad to sleep in my daughter's air conditioning.

Looking out my blog room window in the early morning light I notice the neighbor's maple is turning to a greenish yellow on the topmost branches. Fall is here, my friends, the thermometer notwithstanding.

As for political news, no matter what you think of the President, are we really gonna throw him out based on a complaint that is no more than second-hand gossip and innuendo not even worthy of a high school girls backbiting? Seriously, can we at least hear from someone who was actually there for the phone call?

We are off to wander around at a small town fall festival today. Food truck food and high carb junk are on tap,. My heart is set on some deep-fried sugar cream pie, diabetes be damned. 

Have a great day.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Post a full report.

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