September 29, 2019

My feets are tired

Happy Sunday. It was a bit warm last night but not miserably so. For those of you that haven't stopped by for a while, my AC broke a couple of weeks ago.

We met some friends up at a fall festival yesterday. It was held in a small town about 20 miles away. There was lots of flea market stuff, crafts, music, and food. The carnival trucks were in full force. Elephant ears, pork on a stick, Italian sausage, lemon shake ups, kettle corn, and cotton candy were in abundance.

It was hot, around 90, with 100% humidity, so to accompany the smells of fried stuff was a underlying sense of sweat. I could not understand the people wearing sweatshirts, unless they misunderstood the concept. Those who brought their dogs should be forced to wear a fur coat and walk barefoot on the pavement.

In all we had a good time.

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