September 25, 2019

Only hot buttered popcorn could make it better

So the rabid lefties who could not accept the fact they lost the last election are going to try and impeach Trump for something, but trust them, it is egregious. Worst thing ever by a President. Nothing like actually using the IRS to target political enemies mind you. Way way way worser. They haven't seen the complaint offered up by a partisan "whistleblower" ( leaker if the President was Democrat), nor have they seen a transcript of the call to the Ukranian President, but they know it is grounds to throw the Trumpster out of the White House with a resounding and satisfying "You're Fired".

Trust me, reporters who are not nearly as clever as they think already have that very headline written.

What the never Trumpers don't get is that the root of the scandal involves the Democrat front-runner; the one guy who polls indicate could actually win. Do the impeachers really think the whole nepotism strong-arm tactics Joe bragged about while veep to get his son some serious foreign cash won't come out? 

How do you think the union guy is going to react to Biden using government power to get an alleged coke-head $55K a month compared to the guy trying to get the dirt about it? Which is more disgusting? 

Go ahead, eat your own. 

I'll have popcorn.


Ed Bonderenka said...


Joe said...


I won't see it since I am one of the last 37 people on Earth without a Facebook account

Greybeard said...

Not on FaceBook? And you like popcorn?

Jean said...

I am non-FB also.
And instagram and tweeter.

Cappy said...

No worries Joe.

Zuck will create an account for you.

Practical Parsimony said...

I would hire you...or something.

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